Shoeless Joe and Me is fantasy and is by Dan Gutman. Is about a kid whos name is Joe Shostock.Who uses a baseball card to go back to 1919.He tells Shoeless Joe about gamblers who are paying the White Sox to lose the World Series to the Cincinatti Reds. Joe Shoesock tries to prevent it all from happening . On the other hand Joe Shoestock's great  uncle Wilbur was a kid back in 1919 who had the flu that had no cure (in that time).But the Joe Shostock gave his uncle medicine that he had for his flu. The ending is great. I would give this book 5 stars! 


    Michael is AWESOME! And I have wrote a 3 books called Star Wars the Titan Wars. And I have made one movie. And I have finshed one called Killer Dog. Which primeres December 14th