My Trip to MSU

My trip to MSU Abrams Planetarium and Museum of Natural History. Was on May 9th, 2013 up in East Lansing Michigan.

    My favorite part in the planetarium was when we traveled back and forward in time. Second is when we learned about different planets in are solar system. Third are about the different constellations. Those are my three things I liked about the planetarium.

   Three things I like about the museum was Lucy because it was half monkey, half human. My second favorite is the African Elephant because it was just HUGE! Third is the dino poop. The reason why it is my favorite is because it’s old and funny. Those were my three things I liked about the museum.

    This is a field trip I will never forget. Some time I would like to go back. I learned a lot on the fieldtrip. It was a great fieldtrip

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